Gabriel Park Veterinary Clinic
4421 SW Vermont Street
Portland, OR 97219

Fax: 503-245-7283

A Message To You

Dear Clients and Friends of Gabriel Park Veterinary Clinic,

These past six months Gabriel Park Veterinary Clinic has experienced some changes that have been, in a word, challenging.

The demand for veterinary services of all kinds nationwide has been overwhelming. Add to that the daily stress of this profession and the significant staffing shortages, it is all one can do to try and stay positive.

These past few months the support and kind words from our clients to my staff but particularly to me have been such a comfort and mean more to me than you will ever know. Just to have someone ask “How are you doing?” and “Thank you” gives me the strength and positivity to keep doing what I love.

My support staff and relief veterinarians are truly the best out there and we couldn’t do what we do every day without their dedication to this profession. I am so grateful to have a group of people who are supportive and respectful of each other, who do their job skillfully and with compassion and understand completely the human – animal bond.

Gabriel Park Veterinary Clinic will be celebrating 17 years of veterinary service to the Portland community this December, something I am extremely proud of. We will continue to serve our clients and their four-legged family members with the exceptional care and kindness we are known for and are grateful for your patience and support as we continue our search for our “new veterinarian.”

Libbi Hawkins, DVM
Owner, Gabriel Park Veterinary Clinic